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DaveAs a career sales and marketing specialist in the jewelry and accessories industry, Dave has set market strategy for a number of start ups, setting up and managing offices in Los Angeles and New York, and travelling extensively throughout North America and Asia building business with some of the biggest names in retail.

"I'm excited to be working with one of the world's largest suppliers of cultured freshwater pearls and involved with what may be the hottest niche market in fine jewelry to come around in years, pearls. Now these aren't your grandmother's pearls, I'm referring to. Hers, of course, were beautiful in their own right, but very traditional in appearance. The pearl jewelry that I see poised to explode upon the market is cultured and colorful, mixed with a variety of natural gemstones and accented with silver or gold.

BoraBora Jewelry has the widest range of gorgeous, in-stock, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and I can say that there is not one woman who has seen our collections that has not fallen in love with at least three or four designs! Above all, in an age when budgets are tight and diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies are out of the question, our fine jewelry creations are not only exquisite but affordable. A woman can own several pieces to suit her wardrobe without breaking her bank account! Our brand is IPEARL, and our slogan is "fashion fresh", and my aim is to see every woman in BoraBora...pearls,that is."











Natasha Carr-Ottaviano was born in Bedfordshire England and into a life of travel.NatashaBeing a military brat always kept her on her toes and constantly adapting to different environments. Bringing pieces of culture and knowledge into her work is key and understanding energy in art is extremely powerful for her. With a passion for life, design, and exploration Natasha travels the globe in hopes of higher education and inspiration. For as long as she can remember being crafty and creative were always her first priority, her hands, eyes, and heart working in any medium to create beauty and fashion.

Jewelry and accessories always have excited Natasha, and anytime she would browse stores she knew she could make it. She exudes positivity, and believes strongly in the power of the mind. Her mother being her biggest influence to be a strong independent woman has always made Natasha reach for the stars. Her goal in life is to lead a long healthy happy life while emitting laughter, beauty, and grace to all that cross her path.

She is extremely grateful for the opportunities and people presented to her life and sharing Bora Bora Jewelry with the world is an enchanting honor.



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BoraBora Jewelry Inc. designs thousands of fashionable Freshwater Pearl Jewelry styles, amongst them Multi Strand Pearl Necklaces, colorful Freshwater Pearl & Gemstone Earrings,stylish Freshwater Pearl & Gemstone Bracelets, and Freshwater Pearl Pendants and Pearl Brooches .

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