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Thursday 6th May 2010

Pearls - Uniquely Feminine!

One aspect of pearls that distinguishes them from other gems is the fact that they are uniquely feminine. Against the grain of conventionally mined gems' angular features, pearls are found in many wonderfully curvy shapes - just like the women that wear them. Recent technological advances have resulted in freshwater pearls being cultured in a wide range of pastel colors - among them pink, peach, lavender, golden, peacock, cream and white.

Because freshwater pearls culturing is more productive than South Sea pearls (12-16 pearls per mussel), they are more affordable than their ocean counterparts. Their versatility is endless - they can be combined with a wide array of gemstones, or strung in traditional pearl strands.

Pearls are timeless. Wear them today, or wear them 20 years from now. They never go out of style.
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